Ultrasonic thickness Test

SCOPE: To determine the thickness of a part or structure by accurately measuring ussing a non destructive test (NDT)

Ultrasonic thickness testing (NDT) is a nondestructive survey technique for measuring the thickness of a material from one side. It is a very common used technique for quality control. In thickness gauging, ultrasonic techniques permit reliable measurement of thickness without requiring access to both sides of a part.

Our company offer the service of UTT (ultrasonic thickness test) in addition to our Condition and Pre-purchase service to permit a complete research for fatigue cracks in structures, corrosion, erosion, etc.

We use ultrasonic thickness gauge TG-100 DIGIMESS standard transductor DI 510 5MHz 1.5 - 220 mm

The service is carried out by qualified personnel in basic theory of ultrasonic technology according to understand the pitfalls of ultrasonic thickness gauging with respect to material velocities, surface roughness and geometrical configurations.

The final report is issued by separate or including in our Pre-purchase Condition Report.